How Ulysses tackled Sirens on his way home?

It took Ulysses almost 10 years after the war between Greece and Trojans to reach back home in Ithaca. Ulysses was a resourceful human being with the ability to lead from the front. Ulysses is said to be the kind of warrior that have fought with a number of famous characters. The ports he entered were friendly most of the time, but sometimes he had to face the deadliest of enemies. Ulysses was given twelve flasks of wine by the God Apollo; he was also blessed with other gifts by the God Apollo, other than the wine. Moving ahead, Ulysses and his fleet were hit by a storm, the storm threw them to the shores of lotus eaters. But Ulysses didn’t stay on that shore for too long and decided to keep on moving to the homeland.

After a while, Ulysses reached the island of the Cyclopes, Cyclopes is said to be one eyed giants, according to most of the historical writers. There were two kinds of the Cyclopes at that time, one was peaceful and the others were man-eating. Ulysses was prepared for the worst as he came across the island of the man-eating Cyclops. Cyclops is said to the God of the sea. Evaluating the situation, Ulysses thought of a plan, the plan was to make Cyclops drink wine as much as they can. As soon as the Cyclops was drunk, Ulysses men use olive wood to prepare some spikes. These spikes were later hardened enough to be used to against the Cyclops. The spikes were enough to blind the Cyclops, unable to see anything, Cyclops tried to catch the Ulysses and his men. Using the sheep, Ulysses and his men tied themselves to the bellies of the sheep and hence successfully escaped from the island of Cyclops. The cyclops as the God of the sea was furious by the treatment of Ulysses and cursed Ulysses. As a father of Poseidon, Cyclops called for help and asked father to make it sure that there are too many storms in the sea so that Ulysses and his men couldn’t reach Ithaca.

The journey continued and then Ulysses reached to the island of Aiolia. Like the Cyclops, Aiolia is the God of the winds. Unlike the treatment that Ulysses got from the Cyclops, Ulysses was welcomed and the island and awarded with the flask of the winds. The flask contained all the winds except for the wind that can take them home. Unfortunately, Ulysses men were unable control the curiosity and released the wind that took them to the island of Aiolia. The journey became more difficult when Ulysses and his men were attacked by the rocks led by Antiphates. Only a few of Ulysses men were alive when they reach the island of Circe. The Circe magic spell turned Ulysses men into swine but ultimately situation got under control when Ulysses used the plant given by Hermes to nullify the magic spell. Later on Circe and Ulysses became friends and Circe advised Ulysses not to hear the voices of Sirens, bird creatures with the head of the women. Ulysses ordered his men to use wax so that the siren voices could not reach them. He himself tied to the ship mast.

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