How Ulysses managed to get Halen out of Troy?

Ulysses had a God-gifted ability to deal with the difficult situations quite easily. Once Ulysses was assigned a task to get the sacred Palladion from the city of Troy, Ulysses knew that the task is difficult but he also believed that it is not impossible. Ulysses managed to disguise as a beggar and entered the city to find out the exact location of the sacred Palladion. Most of the people don’t know that getting Palladion was one of the things that Ulysses had to do in order to win the war of Troy. There was a seer named “Kalchas”, who once predicted that the war can only be won if Ulysses able to do three things. Getting sacred Palladion was one of them. When Ulysses entered the city, no one was able to recognize him except for the one lady named “Helen”.

Helen was the wife of emperor of Greece, but she was forced to remarry Priam’s son. Helen wanted to get back to Greece with the help of Ulysses. Helen later helped Ulysses to find out the location of sacred Palladion. The planning was to steal sacred Palladion, yet again Ulysses managed to sneak into the city and both successfully stole the sacred Palladion. With the help of Diomedes, the mission was accomplished and sacred Palladion was bought back to Greece. But even after getting the sacred Palladion, Greek knew that the war will go on. They were already aware of the fact that they had to come up with the brilliant idea to win the conflict.

Ulysses was the one who served the Greek nation with pride and distinction. Before Ulysses was planning to enter Troy, he tried to have a deal. Ulysses as a representative and the ambassador of the Greece went to have a peaceful deal so that Helen can be bought back to the King Tyndareus. But Ulysses failed to convince the Trojans that they should reach a convenient decision between the two. The reason behind the disapproval by the Trojans on the issue of returning Halen to Ulysses was an assembly of Trojans.

The assembly of Trojans decided that they won’t be getting anything back to anyone. The assembly also decided that they will kill the representatives if anyone ever talked about the return of any individual or the thing. That was the time when Ulysses decided that he will work on another plan to get Helen out of the Trojan territory. Ulysses also tried to get the help from Achilles’ in order to deal with the Troy, Ulysses also promised Achilles to return the seven tripods that includes seven women and seven cities. Ulysses thought that Achilles’ will be willing to help him because of the slave girl “Briseis”. Most of the people don’t know that Briseis was a girl that was offered by the king “Agamemnon”. Ulysses was greatly disappointed by the behavior of Achilles. In reality Achilles never liked Ulysses for unknown reasons. Later on when Achilles was defeated and Odysseus survived, the dispute was automatically resolved and there was no more conflict between the two.

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