the idea of the wooden horse

Ulysses was not only a fighter but a skilled warrior, Ulysses always come up with the plan specifically in crunch situations. Ulysses always keen to explore the world with the help of his army men, he conquered a number of empires as well. For Ulysses, Palladion was not the only reason for which he had to reach the city of Troy, but Ulysses also has to take Helen out from the city of Troy. The people of Troy believed that the sacred wooden statue of Athena is the main cause of their success; the wooden statue is believed to be found by the originator of Troy. Trojans never wanted Greeks to have the statue because they think losing the statue can be a curse and the advantage can be shifted to the Greeks if they will have it. Trojans never wanted to lose the statue they have. Using the sense of insecurity by the Trojans, Ulysses ordered to prepare a wooden horse, as a symbol of strength for the Trojans. It is the aspiration of the Athena that motivated Ulysses to develop the statue of the wooden horse.

The idea was to develop a large wooden horse so that there are a number of soldiers can hide into it. The wooden horse was developed with the exact design of statue of Athena. As soon as the carpenter’s completed the horse, the statue was taken onto the plain. The major problem was to make Trojans think that the statue of the horse is another gift from heaven and they should seek the inspiration from the statue. The Greek soldiers were already made to move inside the horse. Ulysses again came up with the plan that Greek army should be moving backward and then sail away towards the Island of Tenedos. But the only problem was to make Trojans think that they should take the statue with them. So along with the statue, Ulysses left another man named “Sinon”.

Sinon was assigned the duty to act as a slave and the enemy of the Greeks. Sinon had to convince the Trojans that he was left by the Greeks as the sacrificial dupe and he has nothing to do with the Greeks at all. To support the idea, Sinon used the old story of cock and bull. The story worked fine and Trojans convincingly took the wooden horse to the gates. The statue of the horse was hooked by the Trojans and the statue was dragged down the gates of the city Tory. The story somehow worked for the Ulysses and the Trojans started getting inspiration from the statue of the horse. The statue was placed closer to the temple of Athena; it was like a dream come true for the Trojans as they have been gifted by another wooden statue that can help them win wars against the Greeks. The Greek soldiers on the other hand were waiting for the right time to come out and during the night the Greek soldiers managed to open the gates for the Greek army and Ulysses finally got into city of troy and conquered it.…