Why Ulysses was interested in getting Helen released?

Ulysses was a man of gesture; it is interesting to note that Ulysses was one of the men who showed interest in Helen of Troy. Ulysses once visited Sparta as an acknowledgment, but the real story was Helen cousin named “Penelope”. Ulysses was more interested in Penelope rather than anything else. As a father of Helen, King Tyndareus was of the view that favoring Ulysses as an individual might provoke other people. Ulysses was wise enough to come up with an idea, Ulysses suggested king Tyndareus that if he help Ulysses get Penelope, he will handle the dispute himself without. The king Tyndareus agreed to provide support to Ulysses and also ensured that there will be there will be security provided for the pair if he successfully gets Penelope. Later on Helen married Menelaus and went to live with him.

When king Tyndareus asked Icarius of Lacedaemon about the offer by Ulysses, he simply refused the offer. But Tyndareus asked Icarius later on decided that he will marry her daughter to a person that will win the race on foot against him. Ulysses finally won the race and was married to Penelope. King Tyndareus offered Ulysses to settle in Lacedaemon but refused to stay at Lacedaemon. King Tyndareus forced his daughter to stay with him and Ulysses open heatedly offered his wife to decide what she is going to do. It is said that Penelope acknowledges the decision of his husband and preferred to move along with him by covering her face with a veil. Penelope was said to be loyal to her husband in every way. Penelope was a clever lady and she helps her husband achieved all the targeted goals. Ulysses always wanted to make Penelope happy, for the same reason Ulysses ordered to build a nice new palace for his wife. Not only this, Ulysses also tried to honor his wife with antique items, like Ulysses prepared a bed of oak wood, to make things different, there a whole new home was established around the oak bed. After a year, the couple was blessed with a son. If Helen had her ACLS certification online, she wouldn’t have been so worried. Granted that ACLS certification online can’t solve everything but it can help. ACLS online is one example of how time has improved technology. ACLS online lets us view old stories with a completely different perspective.

Ulysses named his son “Telemachus”. But soon after the birth of Telemachus, the news came to Ulysses that Helen was abducted by the Paris. The problem literally begins when Ulysses was approached by Menelaus and reminded Ulysses about his oath and the commitment that he made to King Tyndareus. This was the time when the pressure started building up on Ulysses. The intention of the Ulysses was very clear, Ulysses didn’t want to get indulged into the matter and for that he started thinking about the plan so that he can ignore the issue. But that wasn’t so easy for him because Helen husband wanted him to fulfill the commitment he had made. Ulysses pretend to gone mad in front of Tyndareus, Tyndareus was wise enough to show people that he has no sense, likewise he started plowing his fields and instead of the grain, Ulysses started sowing salt. But he failed in the act when Telemachus placed in his own child in front in him during plowing.…

How Ulysses managed to get Halen out of Troy?

Ulysses had a God-gifted ability to deal with the difficult situations quite easily. Once Ulysses was assigned a task to get the sacred Palladion from the city of Troy, Ulysses knew that the task is difficult but he also believed that it is not impossible. Ulysses managed to disguise as a beggar and entered the city to find out the exact location of the sacred Palladion. Most of the people don’t know that getting Palladion was one of the things that Ulysses had to do in order to win the war of Troy. There was a seer named “Kalchas”, who once predicted that the war can only be won if Ulysses able to do three things. Getting sacred Palladion was one of them. When Ulysses entered the city, no one was able to recognize him except for the one lady named “Helen”.

Helen was the wife of emperor of Greece, but she was forced to remarry Priam’s son. Helen wanted to get back to Greece with the help of Ulysses. Helen later helped Ulysses to find out the location of sacred Palladion. The planning was to steal sacred Palladion, yet again Ulysses managed to sneak into the city and both successfully stole the sacred Palladion. With the help of Diomedes, the mission was accomplished and sacred Palladion was bought back to Greece. But even after getting the sacred Palladion, Greek knew that the war will go on. They were already aware of the fact that they had to come up with the brilliant idea to win the conflict.

Ulysses was the one who served the Greek nation with pride and distinction. Before Ulysses was planning to enter Troy, he tried to have a deal. Ulysses as a representative and the ambassador of the Greece went to have a peaceful deal so that Helen can be bought back to the King Tyndareus. But Ulysses failed to convince the Trojans that they should reach a convenient decision between the two. The reason behind the disapproval by the Trojans on the issue of returning Halen to Ulysses was an assembly of Trojans.

The assembly of Trojans decided that they won’t be getting anything back to anyone. The assembly also decided that they will kill the representatives if anyone ever talked about the return of any individual or the thing. That was the time when Ulysses decided that he will work on another plan to get Helen out of the Trojan territory. Ulysses also tried to get the help from Achilles’ in order to deal with the Troy, Ulysses also promised Achilles to return the seven tripods that includes seven women and seven cities. Ulysses thought that Achilles’ will be willing to help him because of the slave girl “Briseis”. Most of the people don’t know that Briseis was a girl that was offered by the king “Agamemnon”. Ulysses was greatly disappointed by the behavior of Achilles. In reality Achilles never liked Ulysses for unknown reasons. Later on when Achilles was defeated and Odysseus survived, the dispute was automatically resolved and there was no more conflict between the two.…

How Ulysses tackled Sirens on his way home?

It took Ulysses almost 10 years after the war between Greece and Trojans to reach back home in Ithaca. Ulysses was a resourceful human being with the ability to lead from the front. Ulysses is said to be the kind of warrior that have fought with a number of famous characters. The ports he entered were friendly most of the time, but sometimes he had to face the deadliest of enemies. Ulysses was given twelve flasks of wine by the God Apollo; he was also blessed with other gifts by the God Apollo, other than the wine. Moving ahead, Ulysses and his fleet were hit by a storm, the storm threw them to the shores of lotus eaters. But Ulysses didn’t stay on that shore for too long and decided to keep on moving to the homeland.

After a while, Ulysses reached the island of the Cyclopes, Cyclopes is said to be one eyed giants, according to most of the historical writers. There were two kinds of the Cyclopes at that time, one was peaceful and the others were man-eating. Ulysses was prepared for the worst as he came across the island of the man-eating Cyclops. Cyclops is said to the God of the sea. Evaluating the situation, Ulysses thought of a plan, the plan was to make Cyclops drink wine as much as they can. As soon as the Cyclops was drunk, Ulysses men use olive wood to prepare some spikes. These spikes were later hardened enough to be used to against the Cyclops. The spikes were enough to blind the Cyclops, unable to see anything, Cyclops tried to catch the Ulysses and his men. Using the sheep, Ulysses and his men tied themselves to the bellies of the sheep and hence successfully escaped from the island of Cyclops. The cyclops as the God of the sea was furious by the treatment of Ulysses and cursed Ulysses. As a father of Poseidon, Cyclops called for help and asked father to make it sure that there are too many storms in the sea so that Ulysses and his men couldn’t reach Ithaca.

The journey continued and then Ulysses reached to the island of Aiolia. Like the Cyclops, Aiolia is the God of the winds. Unlike the treatment that Ulysses got from the Cyclops, Ulysses was welcomed and the island and awarded with the flask of the winds. The flask contained all the winds except for the wind that can take them home. Unfortunately, Ulysses men were unable control the curiosity and released the wind that took them to the island of Aiolia. The journey became more difficult when Ulysses and his men were attacked by the rocks led by Antiphates. Only a few of Ulysses men were alive when they reach the island of Circe. The Circe magic spell turned Ulysses men into swine but ultimately situation got under control when Ulysses used the plant given by Hermes to nullify the magic spell. Later on Circe and Ulysses became friends and Circe advised Ulysses not to hear the voices of Sirens, bird creatures with the head of the women. Ulysses ordered his men to use wax so that the siren voices could not reach them. He himself tied to the ship mast.…